Magnetized Water Effects on Seed Germination and Seedling Growth of Corn (Zea mays) Under Saline Conditions

Aghamir, F., H. A. Bahrami, M. J. Malakouti, and S. Eshghi


Application of magnetic water is one of the most promising methods for the plants growth stimulation. Also, Magnetized water is considered eco-friendly physical presowing seed germination. MATERIALS AND METHODS: This study was carried out in factorial in a complete randomized design (CRD) with three replications order to evaluate the effects of magnetized water treatments on corn (Zea mays) seed germination under saline conditions (0, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 120 mM NaCl). RESULTS: The results revealed that the roots and shoots length, fresh and dry weight of shoots and roots and roots to shoots ratio, chlorophyll content index, water uptake, tissue water content were significantly affected by magnetized water. Irrigation with magnetized water significantly increased the physiologic factors such as germination percentage and index, vigor index, and salt tolerance index, compared to untreated control seeds. Mean germination time and parameters T1, T10, T25, T50 and T75 were reduced significantly in all magnetized water treated seedlings in comparison to control. The results also demonstrated that magnetized water was to promote the growth of corn seedlings under saline conditions.

Keywords: Corn, Germination, Magnetized Water, Physiological Parameters, Salinity

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