Effects of Different Natural Fertilizers and Chemical Fertilizers on Growth of Okra (Abelmoschus Esculentus)

S.Vasanthi, T.Ravimycin, S.Manikandan


The current impact of research on natural manure and fertilizer produced on the growth of (Abelmoschus esculentus) band plant has changed and studied. Consideration of morphological parameters such as seed germination shoot length, root length, and. the leaves, and the new weight of the whole plant, the dry weight of the plant is recorded in the important principles of growth in the Band's life cycle. In the study, a variety of fertilizers were developed and used which included Organic Manure (NC) and Chemical Fertilizer (CF). Scheduled sites were T1- Control, T2 - (MWC 100%), T3 - (CMC 100%), T4 - (GMC 100%), T5 - (MWC + CMC + GMC), T6 - (N) urea, T7 ( P) super single phosphate and T8 - (K) potassium, T9 - (N + P + K), and T10- (N + P + K) + (MWC + CMC + GMC). testing within the training area changed to 67kg / ha Nitrogen, 470 kg / ha Phosphorous and 63kg / ha variants of potash. Analysis of the data reveals that with the use of Organic fertilizer plants the body characteristics were improved compared to controls and other treatments, However, the combined T9 (N + P + K) fertilizer treatment showed relatively high plant growth potential. Similar effects on plant growth were observed in the management of compound fertilizer T10- (N + P + K) + (MWC + CMC + GMC).


Natural compost, beneficial, Bhendi, potential, growth, combined.

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