Comparative Study on Growth and Yield of Three Varieties of Okra (Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench)

Iroka F. Chisom, Mbaukwu A. Onyinye Orji N. May, Chiawa O. Crescent Okeke N. Philomena


The performance of three varieties of Okra Abelmoschus esculentus L. Moench were observed based on their growth parameters on a coastal plain soil of Awka, south eastern Nigeria. The three varieties of Okra were Clemson Spineless, V35, and LD88 which were replicated and laid out in a randomized complete block design. Okra seeds were sown in the nursery by dibbling 5 seeds per pot. Before transplanting, the land was cleared, ploughed, harrowed, leveled and then seedlings were transplanted at the 4th week and at the appearance of three leaves. The seedlings were spaced at 30 X 40cm. The growth parameters were recorded throughout and they included the plant height, number of leaves, number of flowers, germination count, germination percentage, and number of fruits. The results obtained were subjected to analysis using ANOVA table. Significant differences were observed for all parameters measured. Variety LD88 recorded the highest growth when compared to other varieties with a mean result of 27.28 at (P = 0.05) and high level of significance. The three varieties (LD88, V35 and Clemson spineless) also showed a very high level of significance in their germination count and germination percentage (P<0.01) with LD88 recording the highest at mean of 0.684 and 68.4. The three varieties showed no significant difference in their leaf length, leaf width, number of flowers and number of fruits and it was observed that LD88 responded well in Awka soil and performed better in terms of plant height, and emergence.


Okra, Varieties, Growth, Yield, Germination, Morphometric, Manure, Abelmoschus esculentus

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