Genetic Counseling in South of IRAN

Pooneh Nikuei, kianoosh Malekzadeh, Rahman Mahdizadeh Razieh Mahdizadeh, Fouzieh Hajizadeh, Foroogh Zahedi


Genetic counseling is the process which helps people to understand and adapt to the medical, psychological, and familial complications of the genetic disease. This process gives information to family to know the chance of disease occurrence or recurrence. This is a cross-sectional study. Participants are 3046 couples who came to medical genetic counseling center for genetic counseling. Through genetic counseling complete family history was taken, pedigree was drawn and the coefficient of inbreeding estimated for each couple. Data were collected using a standard questionnaire.1358 couples (44.5%) came for genetic counseling because of involvement with a genetic disease and 1688 couples (55.5%) came without any genetic problem and only for assurance. Consanguineous marriages 1810 cases (59.4%) was more common than nconsanguineous marriages. genetic counseling is strongly recommended prior marriage and pregnancy because of high frequency of autosomal recessive diseases due to consanguineous marriages in Iran.

Keywords: Genetic Counseling, Genetic Disorders, Consanguineous Marriage

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