Effects of Housing Types on the Growth Performance of Snail (Achatina achatina)

Mogbo T. C Okeke J. J, Ufele A.N and Nwosu M. C


This research investigated the influence of housing types on growth performance of snail (Achatina achatina). Ninety (90) juvenile snails were used and thirty (30) snails each were subjected to each of the three housing treatments in replicates of 15 snails per replicate. The housing treatments had the same dimensions (120cm x 60cm x 30cm) and were labeled: Treatment A (Hutch box), Treatment B (Trench pen) and Treatment C (Mini-paddock pen). The housing treatments and its surroundings were fitted with a digital thermometer and hygrometer to take daily readings of internal and ambient temperature and humidity. The snails in each replicate were fed daily rations of 60g of dry Guinea corn bran, 50g ground egg shell and water was also supplied. The growth parameters investigated were: weight gain, shell length increase and shell circumference increase. Treatment C produced the highest yield in all the growth parameters for Achatina achatina and the means of the weight gain and shell circumference were statistically significant (P < 0.05) at 3, 6 and 9 months. The means of the shell length increase were not significant (P > 0.05) at 3, 6 and 9 months. Treatment C proved to be the best housing type for the production of snail and the study recommends that it be used as nursery, growing and fattening pens for rearing Achatina achatina in the tropics to produce best result.

Keywords: Achatina Achatina, Snail, Housing, Growth

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