Performance of Weaner Rabbits Fed Dietary Levels of Cassava Root Meal

Amadi N. Emmanuel, Njoku O. Oliver, Ufele N. Angela, Okereke N. Chukwu


Introduction: The performance of growing rabbits fed cassava root meal as replacement for maize were studied using twenty cross-breed Weaner rabbits.

Methods: The cassava root meal was included at 0, 25, 50 and 75% to replace maize in the diets designated as diets 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively. The rabbits were randomly allocated to four diets. The rats had access to feed and water provided ad libitum throughout the experimental period of 48 days.

Results: The results showed a non significant treatment effect on all the performance parameters. The daily feed intake (35.132–47.36 g), daily weight gain (7.84–12.56 g) and feed conservation ratio (3.56–4.48 g) were not influenced by the dietary levels of cassava root meal. The feed cost per kg and feed cost per weight gain showed progressive decrease with increase in the CRM inclusion levels.

Conclusions: The carcass analysis also showed a non significant treatment effect on most of the parameters measured except the weight of the legs that was affected. In conclusion, CRM can be included in Weaner diets of rabbits as an energy source at 50% level of replacement for maize without compromising performance and carcass yield, with concomitant reduction in feed cost.


Rabbits; Manihot; Diet

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